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Fernanda Campbell

Visiting Research Scientist

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  • HS 326f - Introduction to Stata® Programming and Data Management


  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Federal University of Bahia
  • Bahia State University

Fernanda Campbell

Visiting Research Scientist


Awards and Honors

  • Fulbright Scholarship (2008 - 2012)


  • Lopes TDS, Silva WDS, Ribeiro SB, Figueiredo CA, Campbell FQ, Daltro GC, Valenzuela A, Montoya P, Lucena RCS, Baptista AF. "Does transcranial direct current stimulation combined with peripheral electrical stimulation have an additive effect in the control of hip joint osteonecrosis pain associated with sickle cell disease? A protocol for a one-session double blind, block-rand." Front Hum Neurosci 11. 633 (2017).
  • Pinheiro ES, Queirós FC, Montoya P, Santos CL, do Nascimento MA, Ito CH, Silva M, Nunes Santos DB, Benevides S, Miranda JG, Sá KN, Baptista AF. "Electroencephalographic patterns in chronic pain: A systematic review of the literature." PLoS One 11. 2 (2016): e0149085.
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  • Vila-Nova C, Wehby GL, Queirós FC, Chakraborty H, Félix TM, Goco N, Moore J, Gewehr EV, Lins L, Affonso CM, Murray JC. "Periconceptional use of folic acid and risk of miscarriage – findings of the Oral Cleft Prevention Program in Brazil.." J Perinat Med 41. 4 (2013): 461-466.