Pamela Joshi

Senior Scientist

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Office: Heller-Brown Building 366
Phone: 781-736-3912
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Dr. Joshi researches employment and family support policies targeting vulnerable families, parental working conditions and the effects on children, and the health impact of housing policies, early childhood programs and community-based interventions. She specializes in mixed methods research, survey research and analysis, evidence-based policy reviews, policy assessment and implementation evaluation of programs targeting diverse populations.


  • Brandeis University
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Miami University Oxford Campus

Pamela Joshi

Senior Scientist


Pamela Kumari Joshi is a Senior Research Scientist and the Associate Director of the Institute on Children, Youth and Families at Brandeis University who has 20 years of experience conducting research and evaluating public policies relating to family and children’s health in diverse populations. Drawing on interdisciplinary frameworks and using qualitative and quantitative research methods, Dr. Joshi develops integrated research designs that help develop effective policy recommendations geared toward enhancing program design and providing valuable findings to practitioners and policy makers. Dr. Joshi is currently the Principal Investigator of a federally-funded research grant evaluating administration changes to the child care subsidy system and is the Policy Research Director of the project, a data-driven policy and indicator project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Dr. Joshi’s policy expertise focuses in three areas. The first is federally-funded work and family support policies and programs targeting vulnerable families including welfare assistance, child care subsidies, early childhood education, housing, fatherhood and child support programs. Another substantive area is the evaluation of federal and state policies targeting increasing access to health and social services at the community level. Recent evaluation experience includes efforts to foster community coalition building, organizational capacity, and place-based initiatives in neighborhood revitalization, faith and community-based social service delivery and emergency preparedness and management. Lastly, Dr. Joshi specializes in evidence-based reviews, policy assessment and implementation evaluation of programs targeting diverse populations. Current evidence-based policy reviews include Head Start, welfare-to-work programs, and affordable housing and neighborhood mobility programs. Dr. Joshi has published her research in peer-reviewed journals, edited volumes and policy reports and briefs.

Awards and Honors

  • Heller Research Team Award (2018)
  • Heller Research Team Award (2016)
  • Lawrence R. Klein Award, best article appearing in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Monthly Labor Review. (2015)
  • Sol C. Chaikin Dissertation Fellow in Child, Youth and Family Policy (1993 - 1995)


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