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Nidhiya Menon

Professor of Economics

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Office: Sachar International Center 202
Phone: 781-736-2230
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Development economics, Health, Applied Microeconomics, Gender


  • ECON 83a - Statistics for Economic Analysis
  • ECON 175a - Introduction to the Economics of Development
  • ECON 176a - Health, Hunger, and the Household in Developing Countries
  • ECON 301a - Advanced Microeconomics I
  • ECON 370a - Development Economics


  • Brown University
  • Brown University
  • Mt. Holyoke College

Nidhiya Menon

Professor of Economics


Nidhiya Menon's primary research interest is development economics. In particular, she is interested in the behavior of individuals, households and firms in developing countries and has contributed to topics that include labor and occupational choice, gender-differentiated impacts of labor market policies, child health consequences of environmental (water) pollution, land rights and their impacts on economic welfare and children’s human capital, conflict and its repercussions on occupational choice, the impact of historical institutions on child health and technology use, adult health in developing countries, and program evaluation. Her research in these areas includes both theoretical and empirical work and spans countries that include India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Chile, China, Philippines, Kenya, Indonesia and Vietnam. She has been a consultant at the Food and Agricultural Organization, the World Bank, United Nations Foundation, and the Asian Development Bank. At Brandeis, she teaches courses in development economics and statistics in the Economics Department and is affiliated faculty at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management and associated faculty at the Women and Gender Studies Department and the South Asian Studies Department. She holds a Ph.D. in economics from Brown University.

Awards and Honors

  • Provost Research Grant (2018)
  • Provost Research Grant (2016)
  • Theodore and Jane Norman Research Grant (2016 - 2018)
  • Asian Development Bank (2015)
  • Food and Agricultural Organization, UN (2015)
  • International Growth Center Research Grant (2014)
  • United Nations Foundation (2012)
  • International Growth Center Research Grant (2011)
  • World Bank Research Grant (2010)
  • World Bank Research Grant (2010)
  • Who's Who in America (2009)
  • World Bank Research Grant (2009)
  • Norman Research Grant (2008)


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