Christopher Kingsley

Senior Program Associate

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Office: Heller-Brown Building 370
Phone: 781-736-3777
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Group facilitation and professional development; strategic planning; logic model development, program evaluation; asset-driven youth development strategies; comprehensive youth program design; community-wide inter-institutional partnership development; the changing labor market; preparing youth for high-performance workplaces; youth employment programs; integrating work and learning; bi-level case management; the school-to-work transition; education reform; project-based and work-based learning; 21st century employability competencies


  • Clarkson College of Technology

Christopher Kingsley

Senior Program Associate


Chris Kingsley regularly facilitates meetings and strategic planning sessions among groups across the country that tackle controversial and/or complex issues within the fields of youth development, employability, and education. As a content-knowledgeable facilitator, he helps groups to formulate their visions, missions, assumptions, goals, outcomes, strategies, and resources; and to organize and evaluate their initiatives over time.

As a trainer in his fields of expertise, Chris translates and synthesizes effective practices into user-friendly planning/ training sessions and publications targeted to policy makers, executives and managers, and line-level practitioners across multiple fields that impact young people. Over the last 27 years, Chris has trained several thousand youth practitioners and community leaders on an array of subjects.

Chris also serves regularly as an evaluator and evaluation site visitor, and often uses group-based information-gathering methods as well as more traditional personal interviewing and other techniques.


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