August 24, 2020

Dear Heller Colleagues,

I want to reiterate the importance of Provost Lynch's message below. Please, take the time to read her message carefully and completely. You may want to save it for easy reference if you are in the habit of doing so. While the entire email is important, I wish to emphasize four key items: 

  1. All of us must complete the COVID-19 training by September 8. This is true regardless of whether you intend to visit campus in the near future or not.
  2. You must complete the daily health assessment every single time you come to campus--even if you're just picking up a book--and you must participate in Brandeis' asymptomatic testing program even if you come to campus briefly and/or rarely
  3. We must all undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing – even if you only plan to stop by campus briefly. The frequency of testing will be determined by how often you come to campus. You are required to fill out your anticipated commuting schedule in the testing portal (it can be changed later if your schedule changes).
  4. We must comply with masking, handwashing, and distancing and all Brandeis’ health and safety requirements at all times while on campus.

Thank you for your dedication and attention to our community health and wellbeing. We're all in this together.