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Dual MA-SID and MA in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence (SIDCO)


No Peace without Development and No Development without Peace

Most conflict areas are challenged by under-development, and underdeveloped areas are often plagued by violent conflicts. We need peace professionals who are equipped to carry on conflict work aimed at long-term sustainable development and aid workers who are conflict-sensitive. Issues that concern practitioners seeking to promote coexistence – shared economic stability, mutual understanding and respect, increasing the voice of the under-represented in civil governance, solving local and regional conflicts – are equally important to partners promoting development. 

SIDCO graduates work for an increasing number of development organizations which have established units to address the particular program needs in conflict areas and to ensure that their development work connects rather than divides societies. They also work as peace professionals for post-conflict programs when, beyond security, democracy and reconciliation, the tools of sustainable development must be leveraged.

This intensive program is usually completed in 28 months. With special permission from the directors of both programs, an accelerated program can be completed in 21 months. Participants spend their first year in the SID program; may do their practicum during the first or second summer; and spend their second year in the COEX program.

SIDCO Dual Degree Program Non-Accelerated Schedule

First Year

Second Year

  • Fall Two
  • HS 230f, Coexistence Research Methods

    2 credits

  • HS 319f, Ethics, Rights and Development

    2 credits

  • HS 210a, Coexistence and Conflict: Theory and Analysis or HS 244a, Responsible Negotiation

    4 credits. Complete the course not already taken in Fall One.

  • COEX Electives

    4 credits

  • COEX Capstone

  • COEX Professional Wednesdays

  • SID Electives

    4 credits

  • Fall Conflict Assessment Day

  • Summer Two
  • Field Experience

    3 months

Third Year

  • Fall Three
  • COEX Field Report or Thesis with directed reading

  • SID Reflection Paper

  • COEX Capstone

SIDCO Dual Degree Program Accelerated Schedule