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Dual MA-SID and MS in Global Health Policy and Management



The MA Program in Sustainable International Development (MA-SID) and the MS Program in Global Health Policy and Management (MS-GHPM) at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, share social justice values as well as a program of study that integrates academic theory with practical, field-based methods and skills.

This dual degree program awards the MS-GHPM and MA-SID degrees to highly qualified students in 21 months that include four semesters of study in residence, a field placement, and a professional paper. Individually the MS-GHPM is normally earned in one year and the MA-SID in two years. Each program governs admission and academic requirements for its own degree.

Program Description

The program requires two academic years in residence (late August to May) and a 2-3 month summer practicum. Students can start in either program.

Summary of Requirements

  1. Students must complete all required courses and a minimum of 32 credits for the MA/SID degree in one year in residence (two semesters).
  2. Students must complete all required courses and a minimum of 32 credits for the MS/GHPM degree in one year in residence (two semesters).
  3. For the dual degree, students must satisfactorily complete a summer practicum or field placement of 2-3 months related to sustainable development and health.  
  4. During the second year, students must prepare a professional paper or project and a capstone presentation, integrating their learning from the perspectives of international health and sustainable development. The paper or project must be done in cooperation with a faculty advisor and reflect graduate-level scholarship representing the culmination of academic work for the dual degree and demonstrating the student's ability to synthesize knowledge and skills learned in both programs.

List of Required Courses (subject to revision according to changing academic and practice needs)

MA-SID courses (32 credits minimum):

MS-GHPM courses (32 credits minimum): 

Field Practicum


A student can enter the dual degree program through the following pathways:

  1. simultaneous application to both programs prior to entering either one,
  2. application to the MS-GHPM Program when the student is already an MA-SID student, or
  3. application to the MA-SID Program when the student is already an MS-GHPM student.

Regardless of the pathway, the student must fulfill all requirements for admission to both programs.


Students will pay tuition to Brandeis University for four semesters in residence at Heller. During the field practicum, students will pay the minimum enrollment fee for students not in residence.

Academic Advising

Students will have an MA/SID faculty advisor and an MS/GHPM faculty advisor who will provide academic support throughout the student’s time at Heller in both programs, as required.


After all requirements are fulfilled, which would generally be in May at the end of the second year in residence, students will receive both degrees from Brandeis University. If unable to complete the dual degree, a student may opt to complete either the MA/SID degree or the MS/GHPM degree, in which case s/he would have to complete any remaining degree requirements for the individual program selected.