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Neyha Sehgal


MBA '13

Getting to the root cause is crucial

Neyha Sehgal adds business skills to her public health background

Neyha Sehgal arrived at the Heller School with an undergraduate degree and an MPH from Boston University, and four years of work experience.  She says if her path to Heller had been direct after her MPH, she might not have appreciated just how much she is currently being exposed to.

“Now I understand just how important getting to the root cause is before you apply a model and how important it is to trace things back when one is trying to improve systems,” says Sehgal. “Learning to think about health care issues such as why the patient flow is not working, what the initial process was and who is responsible are critical thinking skills I acquired in the MBA program.”

Sehgal says she wrestled for nearly two years as to whether another degree would have additional value to her, but quickly realized that she made the right decision.

“The professors and career advisors motivate me, and their questions lead me to valuable answers,” says Sehgal. “Nancy Pratt, in the career development office, is the person who has influenced me the most. She is my advocate.”

Sehgal’s future career goals include working at the World Health Organization, which will combine her public health heart with her new business skills.

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