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Brian Schon

USA • Director of Policy and Strategy, Primary Care Progress


Well-managed nonprofits yield greater social change

For Brian Schon, gaining management and policy expertise at Heller led to increased idealism

Under increased pressure to be more accountable and improve results, today’s nonprofits are looking for people as passionate about effective management as social issues. A graduate of Heller’s dual MBA/MPP program, Brian Schon is one of those people.

“What’s unique about Heller is that you’re part of a community that is deeply committed to social justice,” says Brian. “At the same time, you’re doing real-world research – seeing what works and what doesn’t – and you’re taking courses in quantitative analysis and management.”

Gaining management expertise and the ability to understand complex policy through his Heller coursework has reinforced Brian’s idealism. “When you can see ways to make an organization operate more effectively, you also start seeing greater possibilities for what it can do,” he says.

In addition to an enriching classroom experience, Heller afforded Brian the opportunity to tap into a worldwide network of alumni and friends. “Between faculty and my summer internships, I connected with so many amazing people. They not only helped me find my current position, but I know they’ll continue to inspire me throughout my career.”

While attending Heller has certainly led to professional success for Brian, that was only part of his motivation for choosing the school. As he puts it, “If you want to improve your career, you have a lot of options. But if you want to improve the world while improving your career, you come to Heller.”

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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