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Jessie Babcock

USA • Country Director for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

MBA '09

Heller leads to career in government

Jessie Babcock gained valuable skills through coursework, an internship, and a fellowship.

As a Presidential Management Fellow (PMF), Jessie Babcock worked on issues including humanitarian assistance and peacekeeping in Africa. “My goal when I went to Heller was to start a nonprofit organization focusing on international development in East Africa,” she says. “I found through my coursework and interactions with fellow students that I was inspired to consider a career in government.”

The integration of theory and practice throughout Heller’s curriculum equipped Babcock with the blend of knowledge and practical skills needed to be successful in the international affairs arena. In particular, she points to an internship she held as a Heller student at a major international development NGO, which provided experience in management and global affairs, and her Boren Fellowship with the National Security Education Program (NSEP) to study Swahili in Kenya.

“This latter opportunity allowed me to research barriers to micro-enterprise among female entrepreneurs in rural Kenya and was instrumental in helping me apply what I’d learned in the classroom to a real-world context,” she says. The Boren Fellowship also helped Babcock secure her position as a Presidential Management Fellow.

“I came to Heller to build the skills that would take me to the next level of my career, and I believe my education has done exactly that,” she says. “Without Heller, I would not be where I am today.”

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