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Peace Corps/Fellows USA Partnership

The Paul D Coverdell Fellows Program

Heller Celebrates the Men and Women of the Peace Corps on its 50th Anniversary

The Heller School has long demonstrated its commitment to the Peace Corps by awarding substantial scholarship awards to all RPCV students.  Now in the 50th Anniversary Year, Heller is taking the commitment one step further by announcing that we are now a Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program (formerly a  Peace Corps Fellows/USA partner school.)

The Coverdell Fellows Program is a graduate fellowship program that offers financial assistance to returned Peace Corps Volunteers. All Fellows complete internships in underserved American communities, allowing them to bring home, and expand upon, the skills they learned as Volunteers.

Underserved American communities where the students will work include cities such as New Orleans and inner city Boston, as well as poor rural communities from Maine to Nebraska.  These communities will benefit by having Fellows with leadership experience through the Peace Corps as well as the academic training received at Brandeis.

Returned Peace Corps volunteers who are accepted as Fellows will pursue the MBA in Nonprofit Management, the Master of Public Policy, the MA in Sustainable International Development, the MA in Coexistence and Conflict, or the MS in International Health Policy and Management.  Each Fellow will receive a $10,000 scholarship for each year of full-time study.  For the two-year MBA and MPP programs, this means an award of $20,000.  For those pursuing master's degrees in Coexistence & Conflict and Sustainable International Development, which require only one year of full-time study (plus an internship/placement,) or in International Health Policy, Fellows will receive $10,000.

For many Fellows, the Coverdell Fellows Program is an opportunity to combine their academic and professional endeavors with their desire to work in underserved communities. At the same time, it allows the Fellow to reintegrate into a community and do something meaningful after his or her experience abroad.

It is important to note that all applicants to the Coverdell Fellows Program at the Heller School  follow the same process that all other applicants follow.  The only other requirement is that applicants to the Coverdell Program must submit a copy of their Description of Service (DOS) as proof ot their Peace Corps experience. The DOS may be submitted within the electronic application for admission.

Email the Office of Admissions with any questions.

Read "A Call to Peace:  Perspectives of Volunteers on the Peace Corps at 50." This report was sponsored in part by the Heller School.

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