Research Briefs

Here is a selection of briefs--concise summaries of evidence-based, community-centric research--chosen with professionals in mind. Our briefs encompass a number of topics relating to disability and parenthood, including experiences of pregnancy among women with physical disabilities, creating solid interventions for parents with mental illness and their families, and ensuring culturally competent and responsive care for parents with all disabilities.

A mother and daughter, both with curly hair, smiling.

Facilitators and Barriers to Breastfeeding among Mothers with Physical Disabilities in the United States  |  Plain language version

This brief provides information about what things support mothers with physical disabilities with breastfeeding their babies and what things make it more difficult.

Creating the Capacity for Interventions for Parents with Mental Illness

This brief features information on creating and implementing interventions for parents with mental illness that encompass the entire family.  

The Economic Status of Parents with Serious Mental Illness in the United States

Health of Parents with and without Disabilities in the United States, 2017

This summary includes information on the overall health of parents with disabilities in the United States compared to parents without disabilities. 

Pregnancy among Women with Physical Disabilities: Unmet Needs and Recommendations on Navigating Pregnancy 

This article highlights the challenges that women with physical disabilities face when seeking perinatal care, as well as recommendations that women with physical disabilities have offered to other women to navigate pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. 

Recommendations for Clinicians Working with Pregnant Women with Physical Disabilities

This brief features recommendations for clinicians caring for women with physical disabilities, all derived from research and first-hand experiences of women with disabilities affecting their mobility.  

Obstetric Clinicians' Experience and Educational Preparations for Caring for Pregnant Women with Physical Disabilities: A Qualitative Study

This brief presents a snapshot of how obstetric clinicians learn the skills necessary for caring for pregnant women with disabilities, with a focus on their educational preparation and experience gained on the job. 

National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities