Information for Parents

This section contains articles and advice for people with disabilities who are parents or would like to become parents. Our definition of "parent" is wide: we include biological parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, grandparents and other relatives with disabilities who raise children.  

Some parents prefer person-first language while others prefer identity-first language.  We respect each individual's choice and have used person-first and identity-first language interchangeably (e.g., parents with disabilities vs. disabled parents)  throughout this website. 

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Parenting Advice from Parents with Disabilities

Our "Parenting Know-How" section features short online movies designed for parents with disabilities by parents with disabilities. Each of the videos will help illustrate a skill or method to help raise a child as a parent with a disability. Check back here soon for more parenting know-how videos.

The "Parenting Know-How" section also features information sheets parents with disabilities can use to find support, learn from other parents with disabilities, develop their skills, and connect with their community.  If you have information you would like to share please contact us!

State Legislation Supporting Parents with Disabilities

Here are some resources to help you find out about laws in your state that affect parents with disabilities. 

Current Research involving Parents with Disabilities

A collection of Research Briefs and Data Sources are available in both summary and plain-language versions.  This section will be updated regularly so please be sure to come back!

Peer support is crucial. Disabled moms need access to the same supports and connections nondisabled moms have!"

National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities