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International Health

Donald ShepardShepard, D.S. "Burden and Economic Cost Associated with Health System Congestion Due to Dengue Outbreaks." Presented at World Health Organization Meeting on Dengue Burden, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2014.

Shepard, D.S. "Cost Burden of Dengue in Asia Pacific." Presented at Association of Southeast Nations Dengue Day Symposium, Manila, Philippines, June 2014.

Shepard, D.S. "Social Health Protection in East Africa." Presented at Validation Workshop on Social Health Protection in East African Partner States, Kigali, Rwanda, July 2014.

Shepard, D.S., Mangesho, P., Kihomo, R.M., Kihombo, A., Mugasa, J., Malongo, A., Mnzava, R., Tenu, F., Rwiyereka, A.K., Halasa, Y.A., Samuels, A.M., Rowland, M., Mosha, F., and Kisinza, W. "Household Expenditures for Malaria Treatment from a Population-based Survey." Presented at National Institute for Medical Research 28th Annual Joint Scientific Conference, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, April 2014.

Shepard, D.S., Rusatira, J.D.D., Zeng, W., and Blaakman, A.P. "Impact of Performance-based Financing in Republic of Congo." Presented at Ministry of Health final workshop on performance-based financing, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, May 2014.


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