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Institute for Behavioral Health

Institute for Behavioral Health faculty and researchers Constance Horgan, Amity Quinn, Sharon Reif, Mary Brolin, Deborah Garnick and Maria Torres presented a symposium, "Aligning for Quality: Integration across the Care Continuum," in partnership with the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership, Primary Care Clinician Plan Annual Statewide Training Forum on Integration for Primary Care and Behavioral Health Providers, at Brandeis in May 2014.

Symposium topics and presenters included:

  • The Importance of Integration to Managing the Continuum of Care
    • Overview – Constance Horgan
    • The Case for Integration – Amity Quinn
    • Care Pathways - Sharon Reif
    • Evolution of Integration/Coordination Models – Mary Brolin
  • Improving Integration across the Care Continuum
    • Overview – Constance Horgan
    • Evolution of Behavioral Health Quality Improvement: Measures and Initiation/Engagement in Treatment (IET) Pathways – Constance Horgan, Deborah Garnick
  • Beyond Screening: Best Practices in Integrated Care
    • Overview – Maria Torres

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