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International Health

Halasa, Y.A., Shepard, D.S., Fonseca, D.M., Farajollahi, A., Healy, S., Gaugler, R., Bartlett-Healy, K., Strickman, D., and Clark, G.G. Quantifying the Impact of Mosquitoes on Quality of Life and Enjoyment of Yard and Porch Activities in New Jersey. PLoSONE 9(3). Published online March 6, 2014.

Zeng, W., Rwiyereka, A.K., Amico, P., Avila-Figueroa, C., and Shepard, D.S. Efficiency of HIV/AIDS Health Centers and the Effect of Community-based Health Insurance and Performance-based Financing on HIV/AIDS Service Delivery in Rwanda. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 90(4), pp. 740–746. (2014).

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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