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Public Engagement

Assets and Inequalities

The Institute on Assets and Social Policy (IASP)’s research on the racial wealth gap was cited in several articles over the past months, including:

A February 3, 2014 article on TheLedger.com, “Barely Getting By: Seniors Struggle with Social Security Adjustments,” and a February 23, 2014 article in The Albuquerque Journal, “Seniors pinched by small social security COLA,” referenced IASP’s research on senior economic security.

IASP’s report on the advantages of family leave, sick time, health insurance and other employment benefits was mentioned in two articles in April:

Thomas Shapiro’s chapter in the National Urban League’s 38th Annual State of Black America Report was quoted in articles in The Charlotte Post (“Report: Wealth gap widens by race; State of Black America reveals struggle,” April 3, 2014) and in The Final Call (“Black America’s bleak employment outlook focus of Urban League report,” April 8, 2014).

Thomas Shapiro was quoted in an article on the racial wealth gap in The Tampa Bay Times on April 27, 2014, “White family is likely to have 6 times as much wealth as a black or Hispanic family coming out of the recession.”

Thomas Shapiro moderated the YWCA Boston’s Stand Against Racism™ Symposium on April 25, 2014. This annual event aims to eliminate racism by raising awareness.

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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