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Healthcare-Acquired Conditions Cost Estimators

Scientists at the Healthcare Performance: Research and Evaluation Partnership have extensive experience in working with healthcare systems to evaluate clinical and operations performance. Through these collaborations, we have implemented and evaluated best practices for assessing the effectiveness of unique interventions for specific populations and the cost of healthcare-acquired conditions, defined as illnesses or injuries that occur in the healthcare setting that could have been prevented. We have also devised methods to efficiently determine what’s working and what’s not in healthcare systems so that our partners can quickly develop strategic solutions.

The partnership and Ascension Health developed two online estimators to determine the cost differential for healthcare-acquired conditions. The payer estimator presents the additional cost to the payer and potential revenue lost to the provider in the case when a healthcare-acquired condition occurs. The partnership also created a patient and loved-one cost estimator. It presents the cost to patients and their loved ones due to a healthcare-acquired condition. When a patient experiences a healthcare acquired condition, he or she incurs additional financial expenses as well as lost time from his or her life. Loved ones who care for patients also lose time due to these preventable conditions. Costs include co-payments, medications and services not covered by their insurance and time they have lost from their lives due to a condition caused by the healthcare setting.

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