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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Heller Faculty Notes

Improving health outcomes in the US and abroad

Diana Bowser's research takes her from Mississippi to Nigeria and beyond

Diana Bowser, Director of Heller’s Master of Science Program in Global Health Policy and Management, focuses her research and activities on health systems, health economics and health policies that improve health outcomes for all populations but with a focus on mothers and children.  Bowser’s research is global in the truest sense of the word — from Mississippi to Malawi.  Any research questions she investigates can be equally applied in the United States and abroad.  Diana has a Master of Public Health from Yale University and a Doctor of Science (ScD) from the Harvard School of Public Health. Her doctoral research examined the relationship between health and economic growth using data at the county level in the United States with an in-depth focus on the Mississippi Delta Region.

Her current interests include: What are the factors that impact the performance of the pharmaceutical supply chain for HIV medications in Namibia, Swaziland and Cameroon and why are facilities stocking out of key antiretroviral (ART) medications?  Why are emergency room visits so high in the Mississippi Delta Region and who is visiting emergency rooms for services?  What are the most cost effective treatments for juveniles with substance abuse issues?  How can mobile devices increase access to care for mothers and children in Nigeria and is it cost effective to use these new technologies?  Have countries that have received funding for HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria from the Global Fund used these funds to invest in health system strengthening activities?  How has pay-for-performance impacted access to services and efficiency of these services in Belize? What are the determinants of improved adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Burkina Faso?  Bowser focuses on all of these issues in the full semester course that she teaches called International Health Systems and Development.  Through her research and projects she has traveled to the following countries: El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Chile, Saint Lucia, Dominica, Ethiopia, Ghana, Namibia, Swaziland, Ukraine, and Kosovo.

Bowser’s direct work with students results in their publishing articles in respected journals, such as Global Public Health.

Bowser says that “One of the aspects of directing Heller’s MS Program that I truly enjoy is the interaction with students. I love to hear what they like about the program and what they think is important for their careers and I enjoy tailoring the curriculum to meet the students’ changing needs.”

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