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Monday, March 19, 2018

Heller Faculty Notes

Economic opportunity, mobility and security

Janet Boguslaw's research aims to impact economic policy for the most vulnerable

Janet Boguslaw’s work focuses on driving policy and practice to advance long-term economic opportunity. She previously worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Industrial Services Program, concentrating on innovative regional economic and workforce stabilization and responses to plant closings. Her work involved building collaborations to solve regional development challenges. At the Center for Corporate Citizenship based at Boston College she researched strategies to advance community development through linkages to core local business practices and investments, helping corporate members of the Center to achieve those ends. 

Her current grant-funded research interests and projects include identifying new organizational practices to engage employers and educators in New Hampshire to improve hiring, retention and advancement of minority workers in health care occupations; increasing the role of human service providers in asset development-building for present and future economic security; conducting longitudinal research to understand family experiences and challenges in leveraging opportunity for upward mobility, with a particular focus on income, jobs and wealth to inform policy and shape a public narrative about how economic mobility occurs; and learning from a network of state asset-building coalitions across the U.S. to support collective impacts in policy and practice.

Boguslaw  is a consistent advocate and champion for students, providing a vital link to her networks for internships and job opportunities. In 2009 she won the Heller Mentoring Award, an annual award bestowed by student vote.  

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice