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Senior Lecturer in the Heller School and Adjunct Professor in the Brandeis International Business School

fournier@brandeis.edu  •  Heller-Brown Building  • 368  •  781-736-3898


Teaching (statistics, econometrics), data analysis and applied causal modeling and data maintenance. Special expertise in both Stata and SPSS.


  • BUS 51b - Quantitative Methods in Business
  • ECON 210f - Foundations of Statistics
  • ECON 211f - Foundations of Econometrics
  • ECON 212f - Survey of Advanced Econometric Techniques
  • ECON 213a - Applied Econometrics
  • HS 246b - Statistics
  • HS 404b - Applied Regression Analysis
  • HS 405a - Applied Econometrics
  • HS 406f - Hierarchical Linear Modeling
  • HS 801g - Proseminar
  • POL 100b - Political Science Methods: Research, Design, and Modes of Analysis


  • Moaven Razavi, Stephen Fournier, Donald S. Shepard, Grant Ritter, Gail K. Strickler, William B. Stason. "Effects of Lifestyle Modification Programs on Cardiac Risk Factors." PLOS ONE (2014).
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Stephen F. Fournier has been teaching statistics, econometrics and IT courses across all five programs at Heller since 1996. Stephen's extensive IT knowledge includes both hardware and software. He currently teaches using Stata, but is also relied upon to answer and instruct in SPSS and/or SAS. His particular skills are associated with large data sets and he has developed, created and maintained a number of large databases for various research projects in the school. He has significant expertise in causal modeling (multiple regression, logit, multinomial logit, survival analysis, linear mixed models, etc.) He has also been a regular lecturer for various econometrics courses at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH - Kungl Tekniska Högkolan) since 1990.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Boston College

Awards and Honors

  • Heller Teaching Award (2005)

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