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Professor Emeritus of Sociology

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Sociology of health and illness. Deviance. Field methods. Medicalization of Society. Public Discourse concerning the new genetics. Sociology of ADHD.


  • EL 94a - Experiential Learning Practicum
  • HSSP 110a - Integrative Seminar on Health
  • SOC 176a - Nature, Nurture, and Public Policy
  • SOC 191a - Health, Community, and Society
  • SOC 194a - Sociology of Mental Health and Illness
  • SOC 208a - Social Problems Theory and Research
  • SOC 217a - Problems and Issues in the Sociology of Health and Illness


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Teaches in medical sociology & qualitative research. Most recent book, The Medicalization of Society (2007), on origins & consequences of the growth of medical jurisdiction over human problems. New research projects on globalization of ADHD and illness on the Internet..



Boston University

Northeastern University

State University of New York at Buffalo

Awards and Honors

  • Lee Founder's Award (from Society for Study of Social Problems, for lifetime contributions) (2007)
  • Leo G. Reeder Award for "outstanding contributions to medical sociology," Medical Sociology Section, ASA (2003)
  • Fulbright Fellowship (1996 - 1997)
  • President, Society for the Study of Social Problems (1995 - 1996)
  • Chair, Medical Sociology Section, American Sociology Association (1988 - 1989)
  • National Institute of Mental Health National Research Service Award (1986)
  • Chas. Horton Cooley award for an outstanding recent contribution to the field of symbolic interaction (1981)
  • Honorable Mention, Social Issues Dissertation Award, Sociology for Psychological Study of Social Issues (1976)

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