Peter Conrad

Harry Coplan Professor of Social Sciences, Emeritus

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Office: Pearlman Hall 102
Phone: 781-736-2635
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Sociology of health and illness. Deviance. Field methods. Medicalization of Society. Public Discourse concerning the new genetics. Sociology of ADHD.


  • EL 94a - Experiential Learning Practicum
  • SOC 191a - Health, Community, and Society
  • SOC 194a - Sociology of Mental Health and Illness
  • SOC 208a - Social Problems Theory and Research


  • Boston University
  • Northeastern University
  • State University of New York at Buffalo

Peter Conrad

Harry Coplan Professor of Social Sciences, Emeritus


Teaches in medical sociology & qualitative research. Most recent book, The Medicalization of Society (2007), on origins & consequences of the growth of medical jurisdiction over human problems. New research projects on globalization of ADHD and illness on the Internet..

Awards and Honors

  • Lee Founder's Award (from Society for Study of Social Problems, for lifetime contributions) (2007)
  • Leo G. Reeder Award for "outstanding contributions to medical sociology," Medical Sociology Section, ASA (2003)
  • Fulbright Fellowship (1996 - 1997)
  • President, Society for the Study of Social Problems (1995 - 1996)
  • Chair, Medical Sociology Section, American Sociology Association (1988 - 1989)
  • National Institute of Mental Health National Research Service Award (1986)
  • Chas. Horton Cooley award for an outstanding recent contribution to the field of symbolic interaction (1981)
  • Honorable Mention, Social Issues Dissertation Award, Sociology for Psychological Study of Social Issues (1976)


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