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Senior Lecturer and MBA Program Director in the Heller School for Social Policy and Management

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Social entrepreneurship; strategy; organizational effectiveness; consultative skills; impact optimization for mission-driven organizations


  • HRNS/HS 232a - Team Consulting Project Workshop
  • HS 228a - Social Entrepreneurship
  • HS 252b - Strategic Management
  • HS 343f - Health Care Entrepreneurship
  • HS 365a - Physicians Executive Field Experience
  • HS 801g - Proseminar
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Carole Carlson is the Director of the MBA Program, She teaches Heller courses in Strategic Management, Social Entrepreneurship, and Team Consulting. She is the Concentration Chair for the Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Management concentration in the Heller MBA program. She also maintains a consulting practice: as Managing Director of Carlson Partners, Professor Carlson has developed and implemented economic development initiatives for a diverse group of clients that includes leading foundations and cities. She also coaches mid-career executives participating in executive education programs at the Harvard Business School and is currently engaged with HBS in delivering online education programs to leading companies worldwide.



Harvard University, Business School

Awards and Honors

  • Davis Fellow (Teaching and Learning Fellowship) (2014)

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