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Asset policies
Housing and wealth
Community Assets


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Hannah Thomas is a senior research associate at the Institute on Assets and Social Policy. Dr. Thomas' research focuses on the intersections of wealth, family and community. She explores individual and family relationships to wealth - its accumulation, depletion, and uses. She is particularly interested in the ways that access to wealth - community or individual - impacts social mobility and opportunity. To date her work has focused on how families and communities accumulate or lose wealth through housing and work. Recent publications have examined how work provides access to accumulation or depletion of wealth. Her dissertation examined the structure of global mortgage finance system and the ways it alters neighborhoods through foreclosure sales. Earlier research on families' experiences of foreclosure with the City of Boston between 2007 and 2008 revealed how homeownership can drain family wealth and leave families vulnerable to subsequent income disruptions. Dr. Thomas manages the project "Leveraging Mobility," a multi-site interview study examining the interaction of race, assets and social mobility. Prior to working at Brandeis University, she worked as a research associate for a community development organization in Maine, researching and evaluating the impacts of asset-related policies and programs. Hannah has written and published work on depletion of wealth through foreclosures, the role of quality work in building wealth, community development finance and foreclosures. She regularly presents at national meetings of asset practitioners and researchers. She is experienced in conducting qualitative research including ethnography, institutional ethnography, and in-depth interviews. She also works with quantitative data and GIS. Currently she is also a research fellow with the Center for Financial Security at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She holds a MA Cantab in Geography and an MA in Social Policy and Sociology.



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