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Subordination, gender-based violence, power relations, and power theory; gender studies; China and Chinese migrant domestic workers; class and social inequalities; labor issues; ethics and morality ; identities; socio-political consciousness and critical consciousness.

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Mei-Ling Ellerman has conducted research and analysis on the subordination of Chinese migrant domestic workers for almost 12 years. While living in China, she also founded the Action Research Project on Domestic Workers in Beijing to support this research, collaborated on a research project with a local Beijing NGO (The Migrant Women's Club), and organized a conference to bring international development and migrant rights organizations together to discuss domestic workers' issues. Dr. Ellerman researches the impact of subordination on vulnerable and marginalized populations, and the socio-political, cultural, ethical, psychological and cognitive factors that influence how individuals respond with silence or self-advocacy.



Australian National University

American University

Wellesley College

Awards and Honors

  • Prize for Best PhD Research on Gender, Australian National University Gender Institute (2015)
  • UNESCO Beijing Grant for Research and Organizing Conference (2006 - 2007)
  • Fulbright Fellowship for conducting research in Beijing, China (2005)
  • David L. Boren Graduate Fellowship, National Security Education Program, for Research in Beijing, China. (2004 - 2006)

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