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Senior Scientist and Senior Lecturer

ljeffers@brandeis.edu   781-736-3757


  • EL 94a - Experiential Learning Practicum
  • HS 249f - Social Justice, Management, and Policy
  • HS 515a - Race/Ethnicity and Gender in Health and Human Services Research
  • HS 527a - Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Public Policy
  • HS 529a - Inequalities, Social Policy, and Population Groups
  • HSSP 114b - Racial/Ethnic and Gender Inequalities in Health and Health Care


  • Gibbs BK, Nsiah-Jefferson L., McHugh M, Triveda A, & Prothrow-Stith D.. "Reducing racial and ethnic health disparities: An outcomes oriented research and policy agenda.." Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 2006 31. 1 (2012).
  • Nsiah-Jefferson, Laurie A.. "Pharmacogenomics: Considerations for communities of color." Pharmacogenomics: Social, ethical and clinical dimensions.. Ed. M. Rothstein. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley @ Sons, 2012. 267-290.
  • Triveda A., Gibbs B, Nsiah-Jefferson L., Ayanian Z, & Prothrow-Stith. ".Creating a state minority health report card.." Health Affairs 24. 2 (2012): 388--96.
  • Nsiah-Jefferson, Laurie A.. "Nsiah-Jefferson, L. Inequities in Health Care and African-American Women: Intersectional Applications of Research and Policy: In: Black Women’s Health: Challenges and Opportunities. New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc; pp: 1-56.", 2009
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Brandeis University

Awards and Honors

  • David Teaching and Learning Fellowship (2012)
  • Shiff Fellowship Faculty Mentor (2011)
  • Visiting Scholar, Womens Center for Health and Human Rights, Suffolk University (2010)
  • Research Clerkship, Center for Minority Health, University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health (2009)
  • Senior Fellow, National Center for Health Behavioral Change (2009)
  • Certificate for Distinction in Teaching, Derek Bok Center for Teaching, Harvard University (2008)
  • Isak Kazes Prize in Women’s and Gender Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Brandeis University (2006)

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