Christopher Tompkins

Associate Professor

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Office: Heller-Brown Building 219
Phone: 781-736-3913
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health services research, health economics, national and state health policy, research methods


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Christopher Tompkins

Associate Professor


Christopher Tompkins, Ph.D. directs the Institute on Healthcare Systems at Brandeis University. He has pioneered payment and incentive systems for healthcare reform, including development of the Medicare shared savings system implemented in the Physician Group Practice demonstration, the MSSP, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). He led the design of hospital value-based purchasing for Medicare. Since the fall of 2010, he has been directing a project to develop an episode-of-care system for Medicare, which is being used for individual feedback to physicians, and may be used for the physician value-based payment modifier. Currently he is directing innovation and analytic support for tMedicare physician payment based on value; and alternative payment models for physician payment under Medicare. Dr. Tompkins has led many applied research studies, and has taught program evaluation, healthcare financing, and research methods.


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