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Health services research
Health care finance
Health care administrative data
Data analysis
SAS programming

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John D. Chapman, Ph.D. is a Senior Scientist at the Schneider Institutes for Health Policy. Dr. Chapman did his graduate work in Public Policy at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, where he wrote a dissertation on biased enrollment and risk adjustment for health plans. He has extensive experience over 30 years in both payment methods for health care providers and analytic applications of health care administrative data, including risk adjustment and provider reporting systems. His career includes work in government, private health plans, consulting and health services research. At the Massachusetts Rate Setting Commission he was Director of the Hospital Bureau for 5 years, where he was a major contributor to the conception, design and development of the Massachusetts Uncompensated Care Pool and managed the early collection of hospital discharge abstracts. At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts his projects included research and development of provider payment methods for their first HMO contracts, and the conversion of physician fee schedules to RBRVS. As a consultant Dr. Chapman did many risk adjustment, provider payment and reporting projects, including an assessment of the distributional properties of observed-to-expected ratios computed for heterogeneous sets of episodes. At SIHP he focuses on policy analytic applications of Medicare claims data. He is currently concentrating on applications of the the Episode Grouper for Medicare (EGM), for which he is a core team member. Other recent work includes development of the EGM, and contributions to development of efficiency and post-discharge care transitions measures for hospital value-based payment and studies of the incidence, cost and mortality associated with pneumonia and COPD.



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