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Professor Emeritus

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Barry Friedman has worked for many years in the areas of welfare policy and social security policy. He has consulted with the Chinese government and the World Bank on social security policy in China and has studied aspects of the welfare state in industrial and transition economies.


  • HS 215b - Corporate Finance
  • HS 245f - Economics I
  • HS 248f - Economics II
  • HS 290a - Economic Analysis for Managers
  • HS 372b - Economic Theory and Social Policy
  • HS 405a - Applied Econometrics


  • Friedman, Barry. "Social Security Policy in the Context of Evolving Employment Policy." Chinese Social Policy in a Time of Transition. Ed. Douglas J Besharov and Karen Baehler. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013. 68-85.
  • Friedman, Barry. "Policy Analysis As Organizational Analysis." The Oxford Handbook of Public Policy. first ed. Ed. Michael Moran, Martin Rein, Robert Goodin. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2006. 482-495.
  • Friedman, Barry, co-ed. Martin Rein & Andreas Worgotter. Social Benefits after Communism: The Role of the Enterprises. Cambridge University Press, 1997.
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Barry Friedman has studied a variety of social policy areas from welfare to social security and for a variety of countries. He teaches economics courses in the MBA, MPP, and PhD Programs of the Heller School where he not only introduces students to a variety of economic concepts, but also shows their relevance to social policy. He also teaches econometrics to PhD students and Corporate Finance to MBA students.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

University of Chicago

Awards and Honors

  • Heller School Teaching Award (2012)

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