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Why Hire a Heller Student

Our students, from the United States and more than 50 other nations, represent a broad range of cultures, perspectives and languages and come to us with seasoned professional skills and diverse academic interests. At Heller, students build upon those strengths through a strong interdisciplinary program that encompasses the school’s core curriculum plus the resources of six research institutes and centers. They receive unparalleled training in management, evaluation, policy analysis, community development, program implementation and conflict resolution. 

Heller students

These graduates have the experience, sophistication and confidence to tackle a wide array of global challenges. 

Heller students are available for the following:

  • Summer Internship - For all Heller students interested in a part- or full-time position, depending on the student’s credit requirements and organization’s needs.
  • Fall/Spring Internship (in Waltham/Boston area) - For all Heller students interested in gaining internship experience while also taking classes at the Heller school. 
  • MA in Sustainable International Development Practicum Placement - Organizations throughout the world host our students, who apply skills in community development, planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation, to build organizational capacity and contribute to solutions of development problems
  • MBA Team Consulting Project - Heller’s MBA students complete a three-month project where they apply analytical and problem-solving skills to address management challenges in a real-world consulting engagement.
  • MA in Coexistence and Conflict Field Project - This project, which culminates in a fieldwork report, is designed to build research and practical skills and to apply course theory to practice.
  • Master in Public Policy Program (MPP) Internships - Heller's MPP internships allow students to practice and refine their skills, and explore a range of career options. Many funded and unfunded internship and targeted-fellowship opportunities are offered for the summer between the first and second year.

It’s simple, really: You can expect our students and alumni to excel in the workplace because of the breadth and depth of their Heller education and real-world experience. 

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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