Heller School Admissions

The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University

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Student Profile

Our incredibly diverse student body represents varied backgrounds and life experiences, yet each individual enters with a demonstrated commitment to social justice.  Hailing from more than 65 countries, they share fascinating insights from a range of careers including physician, educator, public sector analyst and nonprofit manager.  They come to Heller from places as different as the Mississippi Delta region and Rwanda to learn strategies for transforming the lives of people deeply affected by poverty, disease, famine, war and other injustices.  

Fall 2015 Heller School Enrollment

Total Heller Enrollment:  533

Fall 2016 Entering Class

Number of New Students:  191
U.S. Students of Color:  37% of U.S. students
International Students:  30%
Number of Countries Represented: 30
Average Age:  30
Age Range:  22 – 50
Peace Corps, AmeriCorps and City Year Alumni:  32% of U.S. Students

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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