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Practical Aspects of Do No Harm
Marshall Wallace
Director of the Do No Harm Project at
CDA Collaborative Learning Project
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm in Heller, G3

Marshall is a specialist in Do No Harm (DNH), having conducted trainings and workshops world-wide. The DNH concepts are widely used in the humanitarian and development communities and the project has developed one of the best known tools for Peace and Conflict Impact Analysis: the Do No Harm Framework for Analyzing the Impacts of Assistance on Conflict.

At CDA he leads a global collaborative learning focus on the interaction between conflict and assistance. CDA is a non-profit organization, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This is a topic of great concern to all Heller students, staff and faculty as it is one of the core principles of peacebuilding, sustainable development, and the pursuit of social justice. We are committed to improving the effectiveness of international actors who provide humanitarian assistance, engage in peace practice, and are involved in supporting sustainable development.

Marshall also recently published a book, “Opting Out of War: Strategies to Prevent Violent Conflict,” which he co-wrote with Mary Anderson.

Read a brief bio here and download poster here.

Open to the Brandeis Community * Lunch will be served

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